About me

Why I do this work.

I got into this profession purely by chance, in 1986 my eldest daughter who was 18 months old, had heart failure and required immediate surgery. She had  a congenital heart condition where she had 4 holes in the chambers of her heart, a part of her Aorta was a fraction of the thickness it should have been and was replaced with artificial inert material, a Mitral valve which could not close due to fatty deposits and partially deformed causing severe leakage, severely reduced oxygen levels in her blood due to blood passing into the wrong chambers due to the holes.

She had the surgery, which back then was very high risk and still not a common surgical procedure. The operation was a success but she had a massive stroke in recovery when her blood pressure crashed. She was a normal walking, talking child going into surgery and came out in a coma which was induced to try and help with the stroke recovery.

3 months later we discharged her from hospital as there was no sign of any recovery and the advice given to us was’ to put her in a home and get on with our lives and have another child’.

I am an extremely optimistic (glass half full) person and would not accept this advice on any level. I decided to retrain in physical therapies to try and help my daughter to recover as much as possible. It took nearly 2 years to get her back walking and talking but she was left with some learning difficulties. These got less and less over the years as her skills improved. Now in 2017 she is married, pregnant with her first child (through IVF due to her problems) can drive and has a job. She still has low level learning difficulties as well as short term memory issues and dyspraxia but has learnt to live with these. The power of consistency in simple, repetitive movements with massage to stop the muscles wasting and help to remove toxins and aid lymphatic drainage cannot be  over emphasised in its effectiveness in treating her problem, the same skills I have reproduced for treating all types of injuries, in particular lower back issues, which I have become quite an authority on due to my methods.

Consultants, Doctors, other physical therapists all refer patients to me, generally when all else has been tried. I work on changing their attitude to the injury and then not only treat them, but empower them  with the the skills of strengthening, stretching and if required dietary advice to put the patient in control of their problem and not the problem controlling the patient! They then have regained control of their lives for them and their families benefit, a very rewarding process for me to give this control back to them as you can read in the many testimonials.

I have always trained my entire life and still do, whether its climbing,water skiing, martial arts, any racquet sport plus many other types of fitness training. When I was 23 I had a very bad car crash which damaged my lower back and neck, in the ensuing years my list of injuries kept growing. As of 2017 I have had two lumber disc herniations, L4/L5 and a prolapse on S1, a C5/6 herniation, broken and dislocated fingers, ruptured calf, elbow damage, rotator cuff tears twice. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and have three of my vertebrae fused(naturally) to name just some of my injuries. All were self treated by looking at the functional postural movement of the body to determine what is working and what isn’t, what is weak and what is over strong and then correct them by functional postural exercises, this has been how my treatment methods have evolved over the years, I want people to have and regain a normal life. I truly believe you can live in total control of your injuries and have an active life whatever your age. I practice what I preach, with consistent training and management of my problems I still do near enough whatever I wish to do. When I have done something stupid like digging for 5 hours I pay the price with my back hurting, the routine is simple, don’t panic, let it settle for 24 hours then resume the stretching and exercises. Within 7 days I am normally back to normal!

This is the basis of the ‘Rehabilitation exercise ‘ videos I have made, the first ones are for back pain, there will be more for other conditions as time progress’s.