Rehabilitation Exercise Programs

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I have designed and videoed the following LOWER BACK PAIN rehabilitation exercises and stretches with the help of a local fitness and martial arts instructor. She has and is, suffering with various injuries which we are working through.  They are chargeable due to the time it has taken and my expertise in developing them. Once downloaded they are yours to keep, no recurring charges or chargeable updates unless I have something quite different to offer you. They are for you to understand and manage your back problem rather than the back problem managing your lifestyle.

They have been designed for as little equipment needed as possible, with the majority of the ‘easy’ and ‘medium’ requiring nothing more than is in every household. At the beginning of each set of exercises will be a list of equipment needed and optional, as you progress through the exercises (if you decide to go further than the first two) then you will require simple things like a foam roller/stepper.

I have deliberately made the ‘easy’ one for very bad cases with severe back pain/sciatica, and the elderly. You should always start with these first if you have been suffering for a number of years to retrain your ‘muscle memory’ which I explain in my video ‘why you get pain’. It is important that you don’t move to the next set before you are ready, if you do and they upset your back then go back to the easier set until you are strong enough to move forward.

The ‘easy’ and ‘medium’ exercises/stretches are all in real time, for you to follow along to on your phone,tablet or laptop. You can go over a section if your not sure as many times as you like. It is worth videoing your self (or having a partner to video you) as you do them to compare what you actually look like doing them and again in 4 weeks time for comparison.

I have tried to explain the do’s and don’t s wherever I can in simple terms. If there is anything you are not sure of then you can e-mail  any time to ask any questions. If even with the alternative exercises you can’t do them, then e-mail to discuss further options and if required I will video an alternative for you to do.

The ‘hard’ and ‘advanced’ are for people who have back problems but like exercising and want to get as strong as required to carry on with whatever sport they like to do. I actually still do the advanced twice a week with a different type (Hitt and calisthenic) exercises with my partner once a week.  I personally have done many different sports throughout my life and still do a great deal, as mentioned on the home page I have had two herniated discs in my lower back, one herniated disc in my neck and three vertebra which have fused, a ruptured Achilles, broken fingers, torn AC shoulder ligaments, badly strained ankles and damaged knees to name some of them! Yet I still love to play sport/walk/kayak etc etc. My motto is ‘Never give up’ ! Even now if I do something stupid like gardening for 5 hours without a break, jump off a 6ft wall etc, then my back will play up, then I do my exercises and stretches and within two weeks I’m back to normal. Don’t panic, breathe and get back into your routine.

Benefits of the program

To realign your body posture by focusing on the angle of your pelvis, as you will see on the postural analysis page and video just how important this is and explains why we suffer with so many problems from bad feet, dodgy knees, bad back and crooked neck, from head aches to stomach problems and depression. Although this is a set of ‘Back pain rehabilitation’ exercises, as you will discover they will sort out a lot of other issues that you had no idea were linked to your bad back.


1. Easy, beginners program.

‘Easy’ exercises/stretches

‘Easy’ exercises/stretches-designed for severe back problems, any age including the elderly(my oldest patient was 82 when I treated his back problem successfully) – Sciatica, trouble dressing, going to the bathroom, sitting, standing, walking and finally depression! affecting every aspect of daily life for you and your family. Start to take your life back.



2.Medium, beginners program.

‘Medium’ exercises/stretches

‘Medium’ exercises/stretches-designed as the next level up from the easy, these first two are essential to do to start and maintain the recovery process. You can stop at these if you wish but would strongly recommend that you try the ‘Hard’ as well. This will ensure that you get to a good level of strength and muscle balance,



3. Hard program.

‘Hard’ exercises/stretches

‘Hard’ exercises/stretches-designed for further improvement if required and for the naturally more active person who wants to get back to some level of participation in sport/keeping fit.



4. Advanced program.

‘Advanced’ exercises/stretches

‘Advanced’ exercises/stretches-designed for the people who want to regain full strength and ability to play sport at a high level or to just gain a new level of fitness. If you find these get too easy then e-mail me and we can discuss how to improve your fitness and strength further.



Multi-buy offer

These programs are £9.95 for each set, if you buy all four of them in one go, then you get the fourth free. (£29.95)



The ‘About me’ page is about why I got into this business and why that has enabled me to have my own treatment methods, which if you have seen some of my testimonials you will see that I have a very successful (and still do) practice with a very high recovery rate.

There is a free video (on the postural analysis page)  about how to look at you or your friends/partners posture to understand why you have back/knee/hip/shoulder/neck problems and how by making small changes you can rectify a lot of them.



There will be further programs to be added for the shoulder, knees and hips. All having the four program philosophy, rehab for every level of the injury.