About me

Why I do this work

I started my journey into this profession almost by chance. In 1986 my eldest daughter, who was 18 months old, had heart failure and required immediate surgery, it was not the best time in our lives. Terribly stressful as you would imagine. She had a congenital heart condition where she had 4 holes in the chambers of her heart.

She had surgery, which was very high risk and still not a common surgical procedure. The operation was a success but she had a massive stroke in recovery when her blood pressure crashed. She was a normal walking, talking child going into surgery and came out in a coma.

3 months later we discharged her from hospital as there was no sign of any recovery and the advice given to us was ‘put her in a home and get on with your lives, have another child’.

I wasn’t willing to accept this, what parent would? I decided to retrain in physical therapies to try and help her recover as much as possible. It took nearly 2 years to get her back walking and talking but we did it, and now, she’s married with her own child, is able to work and drive with all but minor mental and physical problems, she has had further open heart surgery in 2011 with full recovery.

That’s why every day helping others and seeing them lead a fuller life makes it so easy to be celebrating over 25 years in business.