Postural Analysis

Why is posture so important.

Whether you have a bad neck,back,shoulder,knees or hips they all have one thing in common-poor posture. This can happen from a birth defect or more normally-a gradual change over many years.

We forget that we are animals just because we are technologically advanced!, animals move, stretch, jump, run and rest appropriately, they don’t just sit in bad positions all day, they use very quick and powerful movements during their normal day making full use of their postural muscles. . Something we just don’t do enough of! Consequently they suffer very little with our types of postural damage


It can be your work- driving into work-sat down all day-drive home then sit down for dinner and TV!  How many hours in a day do you sit?

All tradespeople will suffer at some point due to repetitive movements.

Nurses from lifting heavy patients, Child care from picking them up or constantly bending forward.

Sport-repetitive movements like javelin, tennis, high jump.

Old age- lack of moving around and using postural muscles.

Injury– causes the body to compensate for the injury, if not corrected it will cause postural changes over time which will cause damage.

And probably the worst one of all for necks and a very modern phenomenon.

Mobile phones and Tablets.

In short, everyone one of us with very few exceptions, will  have  problems at sometime in their lives.

The one thing all of these have in common is over use of one or more muscle groups and weakness in one or more muscle groups.

This generally affects the pelvis which is the control centre for your posture.

exercises for lower back pain

stretches for lower back pain

The two pictures above show how important the main postural muscles are in how  they affect  our posture.

The phone one below is really interesting and a warning to any parent and your children.! We are watching an epidemic unfold of future neck/shoulder/back problems in the making due to our phones!!

stretches for back pain

lower back stretches for pain relief

stretches for shoulder painexercises for lower back pain

stretches for lower back pain

The importance of ‘muscle balance’ should seem a lot more obvious now, without it you have problems, with it you do not-or at least greatly reduced.

exercises for lower back pain

Postural Analysis Free video.