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I first went to Russell over 15 years ago with a sore neck having turned my head to look backwards in a race, since then I’ve visited him with a sore back, sore knees, a tight shoulder, a tight glute, tight hamstrings…..I realise this must read as if I am always injured but the truth is I’ve not seen him in almost 2 years. The stand out thing about Russell is he has always been able to fix me and he always does it quickly and efficiently. Russell is the best physio I have ever been too and has come up with solutions to problems that have often niggled me for months and have completely stumped other professional’s. Russell has an innate ability to ‘think outside the box’ prescribing magnesium and calcium supplements when my knees became so sore I could hardly run on them thus allowing my tight hamstring muscles to finally ‘relax’ and my knees to function properly again.
I trust Russell implicitly – In fact I always say ‘he saved my husbands life’ when he refused to touch his sore back insisting we went straight to the doctors. It turned out he had an abscess on his spinal cord; had Russell treated him that day this could have burst causing paralysis or death (he was subsequently in emergency surgery for 8 hours).
Russell has helped my running go from strength to strength, from those first early days of running and that sore neck, I have now run a marathon fast enough to gain automatic qualification for VLM . Oh yes and I am seeing Russell again the week before the race, just to iron out those little niggles before the big day.
Thanks Russell!
Dr Amy Cameron
Swindon Strider since 2010
“I have suffered back pain for many years due to scoliosis. After regularly seeing a chiropractor and various others including a ‘private’ back specialist, I’ve never felt any benefit for longer than a week. I was going round in circles until a friend of mine recommended Russell.
My first appointment was discussing my issues. Russell’s knowledge is second to none, he explained my condition like nobody else has. He showed me simple but effective daily exercises to strengthen my core and improve my back pain. I have only seen Russell on a handful of occasions and I’m managing my own back pain. I haven’t seen a chiropractor for months and hope not to again.
Russell has given me advice that nobody else has, I wish I’d met him years ago! Thank you Russell you’re a star!”
Tracey Thomas-Swindon

After years of increasing back pain and reliance on painkillers I was recommended to Russ by a neighbour. I had previously consulted osteopaths and physiotherapists without success and so I had only limited confidence that it would be worthwhile. Russ immediately demonstrated that he understood what I was experiencing, at times describing my symptoms before I did. For the first time someone explained the causes of my discomfort in a way that I understood and proposed a solution that made sense and just as important, was appropriate for someone of my age and fitness level. He made clear from the start that my treatment would not involve frequent, long running (and expensive) consultations and that I would be doing most of the work. However the exercises he prescribed, supported by his helpful videos that I downloaded, are simple to understand and relatively undemanding and progressive so that I have managed to maintain the motivation to do them regularly. I have not completed my treatment but I have noticed an immediate and continuing improvement. I still get some back pain but it doesn’t last nearly as long and I almost never have to take painkillers. Russ is also a really nice guy and I am slightly disappointed that he feels that I only need a half hour treatment next time because we won’t have so much time for our wide ranging chats.


Tim Shipley



Debbie Weight – Newbury Berkshire

I was recommended to see Russell as for many years I have suffered with leg and knee pain resulting in a cartilage operation and I still have pain after the operation. As you can imagine I have seen many specialists who have all recommend a series of appointments with them up to now with no home work in between. I was so impressed with Russell as he didn’t push a reel of appointments and made sure I knew that I had to put the work in at home too. I have downloaded his stage one and two exercise modules that suit me and I am now following them on a daily basis. I feel so much better and it’s a revelation that in all this time no one has suggested home exercises until now, I now realise it’s no good just going to the appointments and expecting a miracle you have to put the work in too! I am so pleased that I was recommended to see Russell.

 Kind regards




Ever paid for an injury treatment / Physiotherapist come out feeling no different to how you felt before you walked in?  Then Read On.

 Russell Jenkins is a credible specialist in injury treatment & prevention.  If it’s something that isn’t fixed as part of Russell’s remit, then rest assured, Russell’s methodical approach to fault finding can get you closer to the next plan of action.

 So what makes Russell so effective and unique?

 Russell’s god like healing hands, infectious laughter, positive outlook, constructive feedback,  friendly aura, are what bring me back to his services when I need to get something ‘fixed’.  Over the years (and through endless recommendations) Russell has fixed all my sports injuries;  he has provided constructive guidance on how to approach an exercise without causing injury;  Most important, this has generally PREVENTED re-occurrence of the same sports injury;  the key thing here is to listen and take on board his advice.  He has also provided fixes to pain incurred through stress (mainly due to long work hours, excessive travel), largely targeted around the neck and back area.  So would I recommend Russell and his services?  Absolutely, without hesitation of even a millisecond.   

Daniela Mazzotta
Bid Manager


Russ has helped me through two major crisis in my life, some years ago I suffered a severe case of RSI resulting in tendon        operations on both my elbows for epicondylitis. This left me helpless, unable to drive or even dress myself and took me years to get over, more recently a chronic back problem would have resulted in more surgery had I not known Russ. He has a wealth of expertise and knowledge from years of practice, a tenacity and refusal to give up on you when main stream medicine has already written you off, which sets him apart. I am now able to enjoy a quality of life that I did not think possible and can do most things without taking strong pain killers or going back under the knife which tend to be the only options available from GP’s.
I have recommended many family members and friends to Russ over the years and he has always managed to help them and I can’t recommend him enough.
Oh and he’s a nice chap too!

Kevin Thomson


Russ has helped me so much especially with my back. I’m 26 years old and slipped a disc in my back. I was in constant agony, unfortunately from my doctors all I was given was painkillers for the pain and nothing for the actual root cause. On seeing Russ he immediately referred me to have a MRI scan, explained what the results meant and gave me exercises to do to help strengthen my whole body (I did stick to these exercises religiously!)
This was just over a year ago and I have now just had another MRI scan and a consultant told me he could not believe how much my back had improved, to continue doing what Russ had told me to do as it seemed to be doing the trick. I know I’m very lucky to be in this position but I strongly believe it is because I followed the advice from Russ. Can’t thank you enough!

Justine Kordula



Russell is a witch doctor. I first met him about 16 years ago when my back seized up the day after some drunken dancing. Russell asked me to stand and walk towards him in my underwear. This wasn’t quite what I had in mind. He spotted immediately what was wrong, but I’d told him I had a bad back, so that wasn’t entirely surprising. Then he told me I had a deep impact injury, which was stupid, as I hadn’t played rugby in about 10 years.

He let it slide. It’ll come to you, he said. So he began to “massage” my back. The inverted commas are to let you know that there was nothing relaxing about this – with each stroke of his hand, his palm, his elbow, he gradually increased my pain threshold. Then he told me to roll onto my back. I’m going to work your thighs, he said, this will hurt. There’s nothing wrong with my thighs, I countered, I’ve been squatting and lifting weights for years (I was 19 stone at the time). He smiled and explained something about compensating muscles, only I found it hard to listen at this point because my thighs began to spasm beneath his elbow. Your thighs are your biggest muscles, he explained, even if 50% of the muscle is locked up, there is still plenty to compensate for every day life. My muscles had been compensating for about 8 years, and now, the final straw had met the camel’s back.

Never mind the camel: next he warned me about my buttocks. This was new territory, and by now I was ready to hear the warning, but still, really? I sat on them each day – no problems. Here his elbows discovered golf ball sized knots – no, really, they were there. Before I knew it, the hour session was over. I looked at his tiny hands, his unremarkable elbows, and wondered what kind of voodoo this was.

It got worse. Tomorrow is going to be horrible, he said. I’ve released loads of toxins in your body. You are going to have the mother of all headaches tomorrow. First, I’m a man. Second, I do rugby and strong man competitions, pulling trucks and such. I don’t do headaches. Thirdly, what did my back, thighs and buttocks have to do with my head?

I had arrived, barely able to walk in. I left, in more pain than when I had arrived, but the pain was everywhere instead of my lower back, and I could move properly. One more hour should fix it, he said. I had been expecting the gravy train – another six sessions, and we’ll re-evaluate then Mr Salles. Bring your wallet.

The next day, sure enough, I sat up with the world’s worst headache. But I sat up! I didn’t have to roll carefully out of bed, and haul myself up. I walked down the stairs, without standing and pausing, two feet on each step, without clutching the banister. I felt almost human.

I week later I was describing the witch doctor to a friend – how Russell had fixed me, but had still been wrong about the deep impact injury. She pointed to a picture of me and her skiing. Remember La Clusaz, she asked, 8 years ago? I had fallen down a mogul field, each mogul a frozen mound, pummelling my back into submission. I’d been unable to ski for hours.

Since then I have laughed at many a friend who have had a massage, or a visit to a kindly chiropractor. Did they hurt you, I always ask. No. Did they fix you? No. Then you need to meet my friend Russell, he’ll make sure it hurts!

I’ve recommended him to numerous friends, and all my family. We play a lot of sport, so we are always injured. His thumbs are closer to 60 now, and there’s less malice in them. But those bloody elbows still work.
Dominic Salles


I have been treated by Russell from time to time over a number of years and was impressed by his enthusiasm and knowledge from the day I met him. I have seen a number of different professionals but I have to say Russell is the person who has made the most difference to me and whose advice I would trust. Although he is busy he always does his best to give me an appointment as quickly as possible.
I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone else and indeed have done so on many an occasion.

Jacqueline Long


So happy that my friend referred me to Russell. I had visited other back specialists with little or no relief from a chronic back problem. Russell’s knowledge, expertise and professionalism has assisted me with managing the problem. I had almost given up until one session with Russell. No pressure selling like many other specialists do, just good treatment and honest advice. Highly recommended.
Thanks Russell
Adrian – KT Training

I could not be happier with the treatment Russ has provided. I used to travel over 2 hours to see someone as I could not find anyone local who was able to deal with my back problems until Russ was recommended to me. He was able to sort me out within two sessions. He is always able to provide me with some exercises to help ease any pain rather than insisting I make an appointment to see him. I have been very impressed with the service Russ has provided and I am recommending him to all my friends!
Thanks again

Polly-Anna Ellison


When I was first introduced to Russell – more years ago than I care to remember – I was astounded and thrilled with his treatment and advice, incredibly, saved me from having scheduled surgery. He has subsequently, successfully, rescued me from injury, pain and sometimes despair, many times in the ensuing years.

Very occasionally in life, if you are very lucky, you will meet a health practitioner who has unique abilities that go beyond the range of formal qualifications, that raise them to the level of “Healer”. Russell is one of those rare people. He has the patience of a saint, a top class sense of humour (VERY necessary!) and a perceptive insight, that encourages you to believe that anything is possible.

I will be forever in his debt.
Sally Gardiner


“As soon as you walk into the treatment room Russell is already assessing your problems just with chatting and seeing how your body responds to basic movements. So highly tuned to the way the body’s muscle groups work even if you can’t explain what hurts or how you feel Russell has usually worked it out for you.
Russell’s friendly professional manner puts you at ease instantly and after general questions of your recent activities Russell knows where to apply the pressure and starts to work his magic. I say magic because you leave feeling so much better than when you arrived, although the treatment can be some what painful, it’s always a ‘good’ pain… You just know it’s going to help in the long run. Chatting away Russell gives practical advice on how to change the way you do movements that aggravate your muscles and shows you what exercises to do to strengthen your body to eradicate the problem for the future… Then it’s up to you.
I first saw Russell in 2001 and over the years I have had niggles or injuries from exercise or gone through stressful times in my life where my muscles have held enormous amounts of tension in them giving me indescribable aches. Russell has helped me enormously to the point where I would say he has given me back my mojo and my physical ability to get out there and enjoy life. I have the confidence to try new exercises or hobbies because I know Russell is their to help me with any niggles or injuries I sustain along the way.”
Amanda Rayner-Lovejoy


‘Russell’s skill in treating my bad back and his positive attitude to recovery has enabled me to recover from a herniated disc. His knowledge and understanding of the complex pain that can be caused by a bad back is incredibly reassuring, he listened to my symptoms and could recognise them and then explain why I was getting the specific pains in my back and leg. His exercises and treatment programme accelerated my recovery massively and his positivity was a key factor in getting me, psychologically, to a better place where I was able to help myself recover’
Rachel Bayless


I first met Russell 20 years ago after the top Swindon specialist said, after his pathetic interventions, that I would only ever have 27% rotation in my shoulder for the rest of my life (after a frozen shoulder!) Well, Russell gave me 360 degrees rotation in two weeks.

I can’t count the injuries that I have gone to Russell for over the years. I always crashing about and injuring myself, even just gardening or overdoing the gym or whatever. He can always fix them. Three of my grown up children come from London to Swindon just so that Russell can sort out their backs. He gave the ex-gymnast life-saving exercises. He was the first to notice the pronating feet of my daughter and change her life with podiatry. Now I know he is going to be able to fix the funny gait of my little grandson.

But I also go to Russell once a month for a constitutional. He has kept me so young over the years. I crawl in like a 90-year old and dance out walking on air. One of the best things about going to Russell is the good chats we have while he is pummelling you. He seems to know more about the body and health than any doctors.

Russell Jenkins is one of the best things about Swindon. Don’t miss it.
Ruth Kennedy


I’ve suffered for years from a variety of lower back issues and from very poor flexibility. Highly recommended to me by a trusted friend Russ has been absolutely brilliant. He has not only explained to me what is causing the issues, but the treatment he gives together with the exercises he recommends means I am able to keep almost pain free between sessions and that makes such a difference to daily life. I feel very fortunate that Russ was able to make the time and kindly agreed to help me and would say to anybody suffering pain or injury to go and see Russ as soon as you can. It will probably be one of the best decisions you’ve made.
Perry Payne


I’ve seen Russell for various ailments over the last few years, some due to wear and tear and others sports related. He always takes a holistic approach and tries to understand exactly what’s going on, looking for underlying causes rather than just treating the symptoms. Every consultation includes treatment that makes a difference and sound advice about how to continue managing and improving by yourself. There’s never any pressure to sign up to a course of treatment. I have complete confidence in Russell and would recommend him to anyone.
Adele Walker


I have been seeing Russell for more than 10 years. Regardless of my injury or pain, no one has been able to treat it better, faster and more comprehensively than Russell, all the while helping you understand how and why the pain is caused and what he is doing to fix it.
Paul Hughes


I have been seeing Russell for a number of years as I have a back issue that needs to managed periodically. Russell’s knowledge and expertise is amazing and couple that with a sympathetic ear and the ability to explain complex anatomical issues in a way that not only gives you an idea as to how your body works but also enables you to respond better yourself when something happens which makes managing my back condition so much easier.

I cannot emphasise enough the difference Russell has made to a condition that some years ago had me fearing that I would be significantly impaired in my daily life. This also extends to my daughter who also was treated by Russell and she also remarked on how she felt so much more in control over what to do when and if problems arose based on his explanations.

Add to this Russell’s infectious enthusiasm and humour and you have one amazing service.
Steve Blundell


I came to see you about 2 years ago on the recommendation of my brother in law. I had problems with my lower back and had previously seen another (recommended ) physio but was frustrated as they had told me to rest completely and even taking my dog for a walk could aggravate my back further 😡 I’m not the type of person who enjoys sitting around!
Anyway I explained the issue to you and was extremely surprised that you said the problem was actually my legs not my back. You gave me some exercises to do daily which I did religiously and as the days and weeks went by my back discomfort completely disappeared! I was thrilled and since then I have been on several skiing holidays, a couple of 100km bike rides and feel much stronger generally.
What I would like to make clear is any instructions you give must be followed accurately in order to see the benefit, there are generally no quick solutions. What you have taught me is to be aware of what my body is feeling and act accordingly. I know when something doesn’t feel right and can take action to rectify if it’s something I’ve experienced before and if not, then I’ll happily book in a session with you
Michelle Ellis


Russ was recommended to me when I injured my knee training for my first marathon, he saw me through to recovery with his remarkable Physio skills, he provided plenty of encouragement and help to rehabilitate at home with techniques to strengthen my hamstrings. I have been to see him ever since either through further injuries/niggles or maintenance, he has corrected another knee complaint, eliminated shin splints and even solved my blister trouble. Russ is extremely knowledgeable and friendly I felt instantly comfortable with him and have since recommended him to a number of friends and family. What I also like about Russ is he doesn’t insist on repeat appointments if it’s not necessary, many of my complaints have been resolved by strengthening of muscles which I can do at home he is always keen to see how I am getting on and has always taken an interest in my recovery. Russ has played an important part in my running, his skills and support have ensured I have been able to carry on when I might have given up.


I first consulted Russ Jenkins a few years ago about a back problem that I had. A friend of mine recommended him. The problem came on very suddenly and so severely that I could hardly walk. I drove the 17 miles to Russ’s practice crying most of the way, the pain was so bad. After asking me quite a few questions, Russ had me clamber onto the couch – a very painful and difficult process.
After inflicting his own special agony, I was like Lazarus. I was able to easily get off the couch, walk without pain and stand upright. It did feel like a miracle.
Since then, I’ve seen him on a number of occasions over the years and have always been“cured”.
Apart from the pain, an appointment with Russ is very entertaining. He’s very friendly and funny and puts you at your ease immediately. If he’s not happy treating you – I saw him very soon after I tore my Achilles’ tendon – he simply won’t do so until such time as he feels you are fit enough. This is also very reassuring.
I’d recommend anybody who has any sort of muscular or skeletal problems to Russ. In fact, I already have recommended him to several friends and family.
Eileen Preston


I fully recommend Russell.
My consultations with him were incredibly thorough and really informative.
Seeing him has made a definite positive impact on my back pain.
Geoff Wright


Russell took a holistic approach with my treatment (and diagnosis) when I first saw him about shoulder and ankle pain. He was the first person in over 15 years of consulting with podiatrists, other physiotherapists and doctors who told me some hard truths with regards my flat feet and the potential consequences of leaving them untreated. As a result of seeing Russell I was referred for and had flat foot correction surgery within 6 months. I’ve been delighted with his open and honest approach and advice.
Simone Franklin


Russell is a life saver. I have had the pleasure of visiting him on many occasions and I am always amazed how he finds the root cause of my ailments. I always feel fantastic after a treatment and I would highly recommend him.
Many Thanks
Kev Menham


Russel has been an absolutely integral part of my treatment for a recent diagnosis of Degenerative Disc Disease, being a previously very fit 50 year old female this has been a severe blow to me. I was in terrible pain & discomfort that covered many areas of my body. Russel has made an enormous difference to the improvement in my day to day pain. After a session I immediately notice an improvement. He has been the only professional to have given me vital insight & information into my problem & continues to show a genuine concern & understanding for my situation. I am convinced, with his expertise, that my problem is continually improving.
Lynn Mander


In crippling pain with Sciatica my doctor informed me there was no treatment available, only rest. Refusing to accept this, I turned to Russ who had worked miracles for my family members several times over the years.
After a thorough examination, Russ agreed with my diagnosis and set about treating the cause. The relief of somebody saying that they can help when you are in so much pain is indescribable.
Russ informs you of what’s happening with your body, how it’s happened, how to treat it and how to prevent it from happening again. I felt improvement after just one session and was armed with exercises and nutritional information to help my progression continue. Russ also asked me to e-mail him with how I was progressing so he could continue to assess my condition, which gave me lots of reassurance. After three visits I was able to return to work.
Russ’ motto is to ‘never give up’, which we now live by in our household too!
Thank you Russ
Debbie Broadbank


I initially went to Russell with a bad back about 16 years ago. Russell took one look at me and immediately realised that my hips were out of line causing my back to be in spasm up to my shoulders. A few treatments later and some remedial exercises to follow at home and I was back to normal. Since then I have visited Russell whenever the need has arisen; he’s treated me for whiplash following a car accident and the re-occurrence of my back and hip issues, also shoulder and neck pain, not to mention ‘popping’ back in a few ribs occasionally as well. I can’t thank Russell enough for the care over the years.
Russell shows a genuine care and enthusiasm for work whilst ensuring you understand what is wrong and how it should be treated. His aim is always to diagnose and treat a person within the shortest timeframe and get his patients back to fitness as soon as possible. His knowledge and skills as a therapist are second to none in my experience.

Hayley Williamson


I have seen Russ for the last ten years to help with my back and hip issues. Amazingly it was Russ who diagnosed my hip problem when doctors and chiropractors couldn’t!
I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Emily Blowfield


After seeing doctors, having MRI scans, injections and then paying hundreds of pounds to private ‘specialist’ physios in London when i went to see Russell I’d had issues with my knee for 5 years.

Russell solved the issue in one session and hit the nail on the head within 5 minutes of the sessions starting through conversation and a few awkward squats. Targeting my daily routine and giving easy, workable and achievable solutions with my day to day life. I saw Russell once and the issue was resolved in 4 – 6 weeks.

I could not recommend this expert, friendly and honest service any higher.

Dan Cameron, London / Malmesbury
Event Director and Senior Production Manager


Russell is a Magician!
I’ve been around Professional, Semi Professional and Amateur sport all my life and I’ve never met anyone who can get to the root cause of an injury like Russell, he them seems to have a plan that always gets me back to fitness. He won’t waste your time with un-needed appointments and is great company during the appointment.
I highly recommend
Mark Lea


I have used Russ now on and off for many years and wouldn’t go anywhere else, starting with shin splints through to bad backs and now onto shoulder joint after breaking my arm, there is nothing I have taken to him over the years he has not been able to help me with or point me in the right direction to get back to health. I would not hesitate to recommend him, he knows his stuff.
John Jolly


Russell has treated various back, shoulder and pelvic injuries for me over the past 20 or so years. He has always managed to get me mobile again after damage or strain. I can’t praise him enough really because, in addition to direct treatment, he offers advice about diet, maintaining posture and ongoing physical welfare. He works with a sense of humour, especially when getting deep into painful areas, and expertise that I have always valued. I think it is at least partly due to Russell’s work that I have managed to keep going on the bike and in the gym into my 60s. Cheers, mate.
Andy Larter


After unsuccessfully addressing an array of ailments (back, neck, shoulder) with chiropractors, masseurs and physios, I was referred to Russ who diagnosed my problem within a matter of minutes and had me playing sport again in short order. Russ is friendly and knowledgeable; I have no hesitation in recommending him
Daniel Bryant


Due to my health concerns I had to have an operation on my neck & shoulder, this has left me in considerable pain and discomfort, I have tried many sorts of pain relief of which none have helped, I was recommended to see Russell by a friend, I see him now when I need to and when he has worked on me I can manage to get through my daily workload, I have since recommended several Friends to seek his help and they are all pleased with the results of his help.
Thanks Russ, couldn’t manage with out you,
David Davies


Thank you for always relieving aches and pains. Fixing me again and again after falling off bikes and and acquiring random injuries. Your knowledge of the human form is astonishing and your perseverance at solving a problem is entertaining to say the least.
Jean Kent


Two generations of our family have used the excellent services of Russell Jenkins, I started using Russell almost 25 years ago and the treatment I have always received has been first class.
What is refreshing is that Russell will “tell you like it is”, if he thinks you need to see your Doctor or a Specialist he will tell you!
He’s not one of these Physio’s who tells you that you need “Ten sessions of treatment”, If he can fix you in one or two treatments he will.
The best testimony I can give is the number of friends and relations I have recommended to see Russell with their various physical problems, and without fail they are all pleased with my recommendation.
David Titchener


Russell was recommended by my daughter’s dance teacher. We have taken my daughter to see him twice, with different injuries. Both times she had been suffering for a long time prior to treatment. Both times she recovered extremely quickly, having only had one visit, and to the very day that Russell said she would see an improvement. I think he may be some kind of magician? Either way, we are very grateful to have his expertise to hand, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Jenni Saunders – Debutots Swindon and Surroundings


Russ is honestly ‘one in a million’, I have 100% belief in him and I love his positive attitude, my daughters and I say going to see him is like a tonic as he completely lifts us despite any injuries we might have at that moment and there isn’t anything that he can’t get to the bottom of.
I would recommend him to everyone!
Jackie Goodenough


I have been a client of Russ’ for nearly 20 years now, before which I had experienced many therapies and therapists approach. Russ’ knowledge is second to none; his treatments are always well considered, appropriate and instantly beneficial; and most importantly his self-management advice is priceless. Russ is – and always will be – my first port of call when I am struggling.
Dan Clayton- Sports Therapist


Russ was recommended to me by a colleague about 15 years ago and I have seen him on and off since then. His knowledge of the body, how it works and how to fix things when they go wrong is second to none. He has a refreshing no nonsense approach and will explain things in an easy to understand way. As well as helping you he will also tell you how to help yourself which is key to recovering and remaining healthy. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Sarah Baker


Dear Russell,
I was recommended by a colleague who claimed you worked wonders for him. I must say, even this praise does not do justice to the level of expertise and professionalism you have applied to diagnosing and making the appropriate recommendations and referrals that will fix my 13 year old son’s back problem, succeeding where a succession of other ‘experts’ have failed. You are a star and we are immensely grateful for all your help.
Jon Stewart


‘Russel has been treating me on and off for my running injuries for over 20 years. He is excellent at diagnosing the problem and, where he can, in treating it. Usually after no more than a couple of sessions there is a great improvement which, together with his expert advice leads to a full recovery.
If the injury is so serious that he cannot treat it he will be up front and advise you to contact your doctor for referral to the hospital for specialist treatment – rather than put you on some extensive, expensive and ineffective physio programme.
He will always be my first point of contact  for a sports injury.’
Peter Molloy


“Russ is an exceptional Physiotherapist, his ability to locate the true root of a condition is based in a level of experience which is second to none. I attended Russ’s clinic as he was recommended to me. I went with a knee problem and came away with exercises to sort out a huge weight imbalance which requires ongoing effort, but the real problem was no where near my knee and without him my playing days would have drifted off…but not now. I give everyone I know his name when injured and they all could repeat the story above. I can not recommend him highly enough.”
Steven Paddock


Russell is an expert in his field and also knows within the first few minutes of each session where to work his magic. I have been seeing him now for a number of years and he always puts me at ease and makes me feel relaxed which is half the battle with elevating my stresses and strains. He is honest, transparent and friendly. He always wears a smile and makes you feel welcome regards of how you might be feeling, which immediately gives you a lift. He listens, uses his integrity and it is a pleasure to know that you can rely and be confident in what he has to say. Thanks Russell.
Terri Humphries
HR Business Partner – Commercial & International


This is just to say thanks for everything you have done for me and my back!! If it wasn’t for everything you’ve done for me, I wouldn’t be doing ‘Zumba’ as an exercise. I still religiously follow all the ball exercises that you set for me a few years ago (I do them every day without fail) and my back has been great, something no-body else has ever been able to achieve. Even after the last RTA which set me back, you sorted it all out for me. I’ve lost over 5 stone since then and am now a different person and it’s all thanks to you Russ. I would recommend you to everyone and know that if ever I need help again, you will be the one I go to see.
Thanks again

Anita Nutbean


I suffered with shoulder pain for a number of years and received physio, injections and surgery. However, it was not until I saw Russell that it finally got better. I travel from Somerset to see him in order to keep my aches and pains in check – it’s worth the drive (and the pain when you get there!) and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Can’t recommend Russell enough.
Clare Holway


I had been suffering from a leg injury and had already been to see a couple of physiotherapists who I had not been happy with. A friend recommended Russell and made an appointment to see him. Immediately his approach was a lot more thorough than I had previously experienced and he considered all my other medical issues, especially the recurring lower back problem I had suffered with for the previous six years and for which I had many chiropractic treatments.
My first treatment was a thorough examination and treatment which highlighted that my body was compensating for the back problem. Russell then prescribed a course of treatment with an exercise routine to support and strengthen my back. Within a matter of weeks I was feeling more flexible and for the first time in years my back was pain free.
Being of a sporty disposition I have been back to see Russell with various injuries and niggling complaints and I always find his approach professional and his methods effective. Russell not only helps repair you but always seeks to prevent injuries through exercise and self-help.
David Bew


I’ve used Russell for a number of years for a recurring back problem and I would never now use anyone else. I find Russell knowledgeable and friendly and treatment is in a relaxed environment.
My treatment has always been 100% successful
Rob Walsh


The first thing you notice about Russell (apart from his friendly manner) is his comprehensive knowledge of his subject and his willingness to share it with you. I have seen him several times about painful back and neck complaints and his analysis and advice have always been accurate.
Having seen chiropractors in the past for similar problems I would recommend Russell every time. He doesn’t overcharge and he doesn’t insist on more appointments than you need. If he feels you need to see a different specialist he will advise on a particular professional and he gives you advice on how you can correct the problem yourself.
Mike Harwar


Thank you for all of your magic over the last couple of years. After three marathons, a motorcycle accident and a skiing mishap you have always managed to speed my recovery (on two occasions where other doctors failed).
I think you have an amazing gift, and I am always astounded how intuitive you are when I present you with a problem. I also appreciate the fact that, when I leave your sessions, I always have a better understanding of my injury and my body in general.
I wish you continued success and once again: thank you!
Warren Cass


I have been visiting Russell for the past 4 months, having struggled with back and neck pain for over 15 years. The improvement I have experienced has surpassed any other treatments I have previously had (which have been many). His treatment not only helps physically, but his explanations in plain English have made me understand what is wrong and therefore helped me to aid my own recovery away from the sessions.
Matt Cook


I have suffered from an increasingly sore and stiff back for the last eight years following two small accidents.
Three years ago I went to see a physiotherapist who thought the issue was a tightening of certain lumbar joints. I was given exercises which I did for six weeks, but gave up as there was no improvement. More recently I have also experienced neck discomfort after cycling and rigorous exercise and following a recommendation from a friend I went to see Russell.
I found Russell’s approach refreshing as he actively listens to your problem before doing his examination. He has an ‘engineer’s’ eye for the body and for the first time I felt his diagnosis of my problem was accurate. He used hands-on manipulation to relax the muscles and free the joints. With this treatment and continuing exercises I now have more mobility in my back.
Russell’s attitude is to treat the problem and not have to see the patient again.
Alison Thomas


After injuring my back, lifting, I suffered from continual agonising back and leg pain which affected my day-to-day quality of life.
I had undergone some remedial massage and various chiropractic and osteopathic treatments but the pain and discomfort continued, with no diagnosis.
A work colleague recommended me to Russell. His knowledge impressed me and after just one treatment I felt a lot better. I continued with regular sessions as needed but after one consultation Russell suggested I seek an MRI scan to confirm his suspicions of a prolapsed disc. This was confirmed and a course of sessions continued.
Although I still have a back problem, which needs regular treatment and care on my part, I have complete trust in the treatment I receive from Russell. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.
Jo Scott


Russ has been my physio for years. He is friendly but professional; he listens hard when you explain your problem; has extensive medical knowledge and obviously knows how to massage those muscles!!!
There are physiotherapists nearer my home but I trust Russ and I would recommend him to anyone!
Kath Delstrother


Russell has a real ability to diagnose and effectively treat muscle injury better than anyone I have ever met. Add to this a genuine and warm personality with excellent value for money and it is easy to see why he is so busy.
I have no hesitation in recommending him to both friends and colleagues, not something I ever do lightly.
Jim Willens – Ex Director Nationwide Building Society


I have known Russell for five years and during this time have used his skills as a physical therapist to help me with both back pain and a shoulder injury.
Russell is not only effective with his treatments but also has a professional and caring bedside manner.
I do not hesitate to recommend Russell to friends and colleagues.
Philip Williamson – Ex CEO Nationwide Building Society


Russell’s knowledge, advice and expertise has helped me considerably. Following a car accident I experienced whiplash, which resulted in constant neck pain, nausea, headaches and a complete discomfort when trying to do any sports or fitness and a few day to day activities too. I had visited other practitioners in other fields but the pain did not ease. I thought I was probably destined to a few years on painkillers. After treatment solely from Russell I now do half marathons!
Catherine of Swindon


Russell has a remarkable ability to understand and diagnose the precise cause of muscular injuries. He targets his treatment to ensure you are up and running in the shortest possible time.
He has enabled me to play football and swing a golf club so quickly after injury that I haven’t even been able to use the time-out as an excuse for poor performance. And his personal style really does mean that you benefit from a hands-on experience. Highly recommended!
Brian Davis CBE